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The McKnight Law Spotify Playlist

March 17, 2023

We’ve created a playlist and now we’re sharing it!


  1. Why though?
    Well, it’s something different, and free, and maybe nice, or entertaining. Every now and then, songs remind us of our work for various reasons and we started putting them on a list. Then we thought “why not share it with clients and friends?” So, that’s what we are doing. Almost positive no other law firms are doing this; it’s always fun to be pioneers.

  2. Hey, I was expecting two or three specific songs that aren’t on here?
    That’s right. This isn’t a joke playlist and it’s not intended to trivialize family law, and it’s absolutely not about disrespecting any of the people who find themselves involved with really complicated and difficult matters. Plus I’m not listening to Kanye anymore.

  3. I don’t get it?
    That’s ok. Some songs are obviously about some of the stuff we do (one is called “Divorce Song”), and some are… less obvious. Really it could just be a song that happened to be playing while we were working on something, and for that reason it became associated with a moment in time. We like these songs, and we’re just hoping you enjoy some music! It’s fine if you don’t!

  4. Is [that song] about me?

  5. Is [that song] about [opposing counsel/party/other person involved in case]?
    No. That’s a different playlist. That playlist is not likely to become publicly available.

    Listen Now:

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