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McKnight Law helps clients pursue alimony to get a fair amount of financial spousal support after divorce to help pay bills.

Alimony in Wake County

Are you having trouble meeting your financial needs after your divorce? Maybe you can’t maintain the standard of living that you had before, and now you aren’t sure what to do. You can apply for alimony to get financial support.

North Carolina doesn’t have a set formula for calculating alimony. If you try to do it yourself, you could leave money on the table that could otherwise really help you pay your bills. Our alimony lawyers can assess your situation and help you pursue a fair amount of support. Contact McKnight Law today to learn more about your options for alimony.

Alimony Eligibility Criteria

Men and women who meet the criteria can get alimony. To qualify, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • You cannot meet your reasonable financial needs without assistance from the
    supporting spouse.
  • You cannot maintain the same standard of living you had while married without
    assistance from the supporting spouse.

Types Of Alimony

Before your divorce is final, the judge can award you post-separation alimony (spousal support). This can help you pay for your living expenses while going through the divorce. Once finalized, the judge can make an award of permanent alimony, although the award can take many forms depending on the case.

Alimony payments can be paid monthly, periodically, or even in a lump sum or transfer of non-liquid property. Often, the goal of alimony is to allow people time to get back in the work force or go back to school to earn a degree.

Factors Considered When Granting Alimony

While there isn’t a specific formula for awarding alimony in NC, judges do evaluate various factors to determine the amount and duration, if applicable. Early on, the court determines whether either party committed any illicit sexual behavior during the marriage. In addition, the court evaluates other marital misconduct, along with earning capacity, ages, physical and mental health, length of the marriage, and more.

Your alimony lawyer can evaluate your marriage and personal situation to give you an idea of how much you can expect. Then, your attorney will prepare a case to help you get the money you’re entitled to receive.

How Is Alimony Paid?

The court has numerous options when creating alimony orders. For example, the court might decide that the other party will make a single lump-sum payment or distribute alimony in monthly or quarterly payments. Also, the judge might submit an order to withhold the person’s income for payment. In addition, transferring property is an option for paying alimony. We will go over all the possible options to help you work out the best plan for your situation.

Modifying Alimony

If you currently pay or receive alimony and the circumstances have changed, you might be able to modify the order. For instance, if you receive alimony and your former spouse got promoted at work, you might be able to seek more money. On the other hand, if you lost your job, you might be able to lower the alimony you’re paying. Speak to an alimony lawyer if you’re interested in modifying the order.

John and his staff were wonderful to work with. They created the documents we requested quickly and then reviewed them with us thoroughly once complete. I’ve known John for a number of years – he not only knows the law, but is thoughtful, compassionate, and dependable. All vital qualities when seeking legal advice and support.

— Julia L.

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