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Grounded In Our Process

McKnight Law is about thinking ten steps ahead, because your life is bigger than this moment.

In a complicated, dynamic process with many moving parts, we invest a lot of time thoroughly considering the many paths a situation could take.

Whether you need legal support to separate, insights on the complexity of child custody, or help splitting up assets and debts, we can find the best path for you.

About Us

Skilled Attorneys, On Your Side

Meet our attorneys who will help guide you through this complex time.

Practice Areas

Child Custody

Having a say in how your child is raised (legal custody) and where your child lives (physical custody)

Equitable Distribution

Splitting up your property, assets, and debts fairly


Negotiating a separation agreement about assets, debts, and support before your divorce and without going to court

Divorce Litigation

Helping you negotiate separation agreements and file for absolute divorce


Applying to get a fair amount of financial spousal support after divorce to help pay your bills

Mediation & Arbitration

Ironing out the issues involved in the divorce without using a courtroom

Post-Separation Support

Temporary support that helps you meet your financial obligations until you receive post-divorce support in the form of alimony

Child Support

Evaluating your case and creating a strategy to ensure that child support payments are fair

Equal Marriage in NC

Helping same-sex couples with child custody, child support, alimony, and other issues related to divorce

I simply won’t go to anyone else. McKnight law walks you through the legal process from A-Z.

If you have any matters to deal with in family law, I highly recommend McKnight Law as the “Go To” firm in the Triangle. John McKnight has been a pleasure to work with for myself and others I know who have used his expertise. His rates are certainly reasonable and his response time is efficient should you have additional questions. He should be your first call, every time.

— Sarah B.

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