5 Reasons to Hire a North Carolina Divorce Attorney Instead of Filing On Your Own

Filing for divorce can be an expensive, lengthy, and complicated process. While there are some benefits to navigating a divorce case on your own, hiring an attorney to assist you can provide many more advantages.

Read on to learn five reasons you should hire a North Carolina divorce attorney instead of filing your own divorce. Then contact our “lawyer for divorce near me” to discuss your options with our McKnight Law team in Wake County, NC.

1. An Attorney Can Ensure That You Meet the Requirements for Divorce in North Carolina

Each state has its qualifications and procedures when it comes to divorce. As a result, if you live in North Carolina, you must meet the state’s specific qualifications to file for divorce within North Carolina.

The divorce requirements in North Carolina are as follows:

  • At least one spouse needs to have lived in North Carolina for six months or more before filing for divorce.
  • Both spouses must have lived apart from each other for at least one year.

Understanding these requirements can become complicated if you moved to the state recently or if you and your spouse have lived apart off and on rather than continuously. However, hiring an attorney can help you navigate these requirements and determine if you and your spouse are eligible to begin the divorce process.

2. An Attorney Can Reduce Your Stress

Divorce is a stressful and emotional process. Not only do you have to navigate a complex legal system, but you also have to prepare to leave a spouse you previously loved and with whom you created a life. Tensions between you and your divorcing spouse can make this process even more frustrating and demanding.

However, hiring an attorney is an easy and effective way to reduce your stress during the divorce process. McKnight Law can handle all of the paperwork and legal matters for you, allowing you to focus on your life following the divorce.

3. An Attorney Can Streamline the Divorce Process

No one wants to spend months or even years settling a divorce. Navigating the divorce process can be worrying, and most divorcing couples want the process to be over as soon as possible so they can begin moving forward with their lives.

However, divorce and navigating the court system is a new, unfamiliar process for most couples. As a result, it is not uncommon for litigants to file the wrong paperwork or overlook necessary procedures when they are going it alone. Unfortunately, making mistakes often prolong the divorce process and can even cost you more money.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your divorce process, hiring a divorce lawyer is an excellent solution. Divorce and family lawyers have years of experience helping couples navigate the divorce process as efficiently as possible.

These professionals can ensure that all proper paperwork and all necessary steps are followed to finalize your divorce quickly, allowing you to begin moving forward faster.

4. An Attorney Can Help You Navigate Child Custody and Support

If you and your spouse have children together, you will need to consider child support and custody during your divorce case. Because you and your spouse will almost certainly no longer have shared assets and bank accounts, you will want to make sure that you each honor the obligation to contribute equitably to the child’s upbringing.

However, navigating child support and custody can be vexing, primarily if you and your spouse disagree on these matters. It can often be challenging to find common ground on issues such as:

  • Where will the child live?
  • What school will the child attend?
  • Who will make decisions on the child’s behalf?
  • How much should each parent contribute financially?
  • How will the two of you split time with the child?
  • What about holidays and vacations?

Unless you and your divorcing spouse are in total agreement on each of these matters, your child custody case will probably require an abundance of negotiation and perhaps several trips to court—or at the least, the assistance of a mediator. Hiring an attorney to represent you can ease the burden of navigating child support and child custody and help you receive a fair outcome.

An attorney will help you create legally binding documents that require you and your spouse to stick to the decisions regarding your children. Without these documents, your spouse can violate your previously-established agreements with relative impunity, creating emotional turmoil in your child’s life and preventing you from fulfilling your fair parental role.

5. An Attorney Can Help Protect Your Assets

North Carolina generally follows the 50/50 rule when it comes to marital property division. This means that a judge would split your and your spouse’s property, debts, and assets equally in most cases. However, if you believe that most of your property belongs to you, you may not be satisfied with this 50/50 division.

If you are looking to challenge this 50/50 property division presumption, you will need to present your case to the judge and persuade them to award specific property to you instead of your spouse. A divorce attorney can help you build your case and present your argument to the judge to secure your desired property.

At McKnight Law, We’re Fluent in the Emotions of Divorce and Child Custody

If you’re looking for a “lawyer for divorce near me” in the Raleigh and Wake County, NC, area, McKnight Law can help. We strive to help our clients feel comfortable and at ease throughout the divorce process, exhibiting authenticity and approachability throughout our services. You deserve an advocate at your side during this time to empower you to work towards the next chapter for your family.

You can trust our lawyers to walk you through every step of the successful divorce process, and we can provide you support on every aspect of divorce and family law, including a child support lawyer.

Call (919) 413-7002 to schedule an appointment to sit down and talk with divorce attorney John McKnight. If you decide divorce is the best option for you, John will be involved in all aspects of your case. As a boutique law firm staffed by two experienced attorneys, you can rest assured that you will work with authentic, honest, and transparent professionals when you choose McKnight Law. A trusted name in the community, John has worked on political campaigns and served on the Boards of Directors for the Wake County Bar Association and the Wake County Women’s Center. His active volunteerism and willingness to serve have earned him recognition from people from all walks of life in Wake County, offering an advantage you might not receive from other firms that don’t have the same community presence.  

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